“How Can I Become an Educated Voter (Quickly)?”| No Excuses

How you ask? Here’s three quick tips on how even you can become an educated voter.

  • Find Nonpartisan Sources

Campaign ads and often times TV news have a political bias, so you may not have both sides of the political story. Find media outlets that have a balanced viewpoint of multiple parties. A great example is CSPAN

You can also request a Sample Ballot which contains a copy of what will be up for election this year. Contact your respective county Board of Elections to obtain one.

  • Watch the Presidential Debates

The best way to learn about the person that might possibly be your president for the next four years is to watch him debate his opponent on issues that affect this nation. Presidential debates are informative – and very entertaining, i.e. last week’s VP debate. Watch: VP Debate Video

The next Presidential Debate is Tomorrow. For more information about the debate Click Here.

  • Attend Voting Education Events on Campus

Typically, voter education events features someone or a group that is well versed on the topic of current political issues and can relate it to college students. (Note: Black Student Union is having an event this week)


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