SGA Elections 2013- Now Or Never

If you haven’t yet gone to vote in the MMC Student Government Association elections, there is still today, April 10! You can vote in Towers lounge, GC computer labs, or the Engineering Campus’ computer labs until 7pm. Please vote!  Your future at FIU depends on it.

Liane Sippin is the lone presidential candidate being that FIUnite affiliate and current Vice President,  Alex Castro was disqualified as of last week Thursday. Sippin’s platform stands as this: “Trust, Accountability, and Productivity.”

Why vote if Sippin is the only presidential candidate to vote for? Because there are still senate positions to consider (and not just the ones listed in today’s issue of the Beacon. As a matter of fact, the Beacon has an error or two  so please consult SGA’s website,, for accurate info.) Those senate positions MUST be filled with people that you believe will be true advocates of your interests. Candidate platforms are available on the SGA website under the “Get Involved” tab. Please know that some candidates are for things that may not line up with your, or your organization’s, best interest although they may say that they are all in for the benefit of student leadership.

Some senatorial candidates who were willing to speak to ThisIsNotUM include candidates for Senate at large Caroline Lorenzo, Javier Morales, and Nicholas Alvarez; candidates for the College of Arts and sciences Myriam Ambroise  and FIUnite party delegates: James D’Cruz, Evelyn Urdanetta, Nicole Buchely, and Orlando Crespo.

For those who may be further interested as to why Castro was disqualified, it was because his Vice-Presidential running mate, Phillip Koenig, failed to fill out the registration documents to be Vice-President. You can check it out for yourself!

Castro v. Elections Comission Dissent

SC 005- Williams v Elections Commission

The voting polls close at 7:00pm tonight. For a complete listing of who your candidates are, click on the following link:

Election results will be revealed tomorrow, Aprill 11, at 3pm.

If the SGA page doesn't resemble this, then it's not the right page.

If the SGA page doesn’t resemble this, then it’s not the right page.


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