Who Runs The Yard: Probate Season Wrap-Up

Another probate season has come and gone, and for the most part, the 12% was entertained.

Of course with new blood comes the oxymoronic question of “who runs the yard sandbox.” So without further ado, here’s a wrap-up of the newest additions to the FIU NPHC:


Alphas: Line of 11
First off, it was too damn cold for anybody to actually pay attention to anything that was going on (everybody just wanted it to be over so we could go and acquire heat)…but from what we do recall, this line is by far the largest line from Tau Delta. Also, this is the largest amount of neophytes from any NPHC fraternity in recent years, so one time for the Alphas making strides! The line as a whole had a lot of unfamiliar faces, a sprinkle of notable campus leadership, and a little bit of diversity (we see you #3 & #6). All in all, Tau Delta is an official small army out here. We’ll see how it unfolds next year.


Iota 2k13

Iotas: Line of 2
The last time we got an Iota show was the charter line back in Spring ’10. Even with two neos, this show was everything the sandbox needed: Hype, twitter shade, more overt slander during the probate, a DJ with a set that had everybody in the crowd turnt (and not concerned about the fact that #2 & #3 were nowhere to be seen), an actual after party, and people most of us actually knew – and for the right reasons. Also, the weather was great, always a plus…because nobody likes a probate with inclement weather. Granted your probate may have been live, y’all are still going to have to work overtime to convince this campus that “unstoppable” isn’t just a clever nickname y’all got from a Santigold song.




There was a time when Delta Sigma Theta was synonymous to “lateness,” “invisibility” and “no hands” (in both regards). That Spring ’11 line definitely changed the game and the minds of all naysayers (us included) two years ago.
As most of you may know, there wasn’t an actual probate, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Besides, no NPHC sorority has had an actual probate since…well damn, since Spring 2011!!! We’ll just have to wait until “NPHC yardshow” and Homecoming to see what these new girls are about…because we all know that’s what signifies whether you’re “made or paper.” (Inserts sarcasm)
We all knew something was up thanks to the bombardment of Delta tweets about tabling at noon. Noon came, and there was definitely a table set up in GC. Fast forward a few minutes and all you hear is singing and seeing 10 familiar faces popping out of nowhere in crimson line jackets!
This Spring ’13 Centennial line had us shook!
Iota Pi snatched up a greater part of COBOL & BSU leadership, including madame president herself! Hair was layed like Scholarship, Service and Sisterhood, and everybody looked like “thank God y’all are back!” It’s pretty safe to say that this line is about that yard running life.


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