Tis The Season for Probates

It’s safe to say that Fall ’13 has been somewhat stale; Homecoming was trash, FIU football is the struggle, and This Is NOT UM has been quiet…but if you wish hard enough for a turn up, the turn up will come.

Probate season is back – and just in time for the holidays! By far the most anticipated event of the year among Black FIU, the anticipation of probate season is a clear sign that campus has been dead for a minute. We hope you got that Party City & D&N money together – because somebody is about to wake up in some new letters!

If you’ve never been to a probate, here’s what you can expect to see:

  • A crowd full of black people in a very tight location (and you know how nervous FIU gets when we mass up).
  • (More) FIU police in squad cars frequently driving through the fountain area.
  • Folks willingly standing up for 2+ hours to watch a 45 min(max) show – for free.
  • A sea of balloons, colorful bags, and greeks from other schools.
  • The thirst.
  • Endless commentary from the Morton’s crew in the audience (b.k.a. the GDI’s, drops, & “the better luck next time’s”).
  • Shones on the prowl…um, gleeful females excited that their “bestie/brother/etc” is coming out.
  • Fresh bald heads & “fresh out the pack” sew in’s.
  • Lots of familiar (maybe unfamiliar) faces.
  • “Miscellaneous events” (it’s a surprise).
  • Also, there will be an unofficial let-out. Or a trip to T.G.I. Friday’s. Both will happen.

Probate. Come-out show. Neophyte presentation. Same thing, different name.


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