So…About Those Probates…

Happy New Year. Feliz Navidad. All that good stuff…

It’s been pretty stale over on this site, but you know, it’s Probate season again. Yay. The anticipation of probate season is a clear sign that campus has been light, and since nobody is going to UpRoar – y’all better enjoy this. We hope you didn’t cash out too much on Spring Break that much – because Party City is not cheap!

If you’ve never been to a probate, here’s what you can expect to see – or not:

A crowd full of black people in a very tight location (and you know how nervous FIU gets when we mass up).

(More) FIU police in squad cars frequently driving through the fountain area.

Folks willingly standing up for 2+ hours to watch a 45 min(max) show – for free.

A sea of balloons, colorful bags, and greeks from other schools.

The thirst.

Endless commentary and sidebar from the Morton’s crew in the audience (b.k.a. the GDI’s, drops, & “the better luck next time’s”).

Shones on the prowl…um, gleeful females excited that their “bestie/brother/etc” is coming out.

Fresh bald heads & “fresh out the pack” sew in’s.

Lots of familiar (maybe unfamiliar) faces.

“Miscellaneous events” (it’s a surprise).

Also, there will be an unofficial let-out. Or a trip to T.G.I. Friday’s. Both will happen.

Probate. Come-out show. Neophyte presentation. Same thing, different name.


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