The Name:

Most students at Florida International can agree about one thing : whenever you are out of town and tell people the name of your school, most often they have never heard of it. Or maybe they can remember FIU and UM throwin’ hands in the Orange Bowl. The worst part is that whenever you tell someone your school is in Miami, they immediately say “OH, SO YOU GO TO UM!” We are trying – no, we ARE clearing up that mistake through “This Is NOT UM.”

What We Are All About:

“This Is Not UM” is the first of its kind.  Created in 2011 by two FIU students after a summer of planning, “This Is NOT UM” has become the source for information geared towards the Black Student body – or as we like to put it, “the 13 percent’s FIU.” Also functioning as a full scale multimedia production group, we  strive to provide viewers with videos and photos from campus events you might have otherwise not known about.

From event information, parties, campus news, and all the underrepresented going-ons at FIU (good and bad), we cover it. Our main objective is to showcase OUR FIU to the rest of the world.

…And just so there’s no misinterpretations:

“This Is NOT UM” is not a diss to the University at all; we have love for “the U.” We just want people to know one thing about FIU:

This Is NOT UM!


2 responses to “About

  1. I go to UM…and I dig the idea for the site. As a miami native I understand that people know UM and neglect FMU, Barry, FIU etc…Im not assuming you care, but I know some UM students (Black students) feel like…why is it CALLED ThisIsNotUM. I get it, but at the same time…making it the NAME of the site sounds like…its dedicated to putting FIU above UM. And lets be real alotta people misinterpret. When I first saw the name I was like WTF until i read the site and understood the point…not “encouraging” you to change, just something to keep in mind…

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